Financial Position

Federal Banking License

As a member bank of the U.S. Federal Reserve System with a federal banking license, we have the same powers, privileges, duties and limitations as a U.S. national bank. We are regulated by the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) and the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), two entities known for their comprehensive oversight.

Financial Capacity

UBA America has a Capital Equivalency Deposit (CED) held in AAA-rated financial obligations of the U.S. government. We provide direct U.S. dollar clearing capabilities with finality of settlement based in New York City, a global financial center and clearing hub for the dollar.

Credit Ratings

UBA has the following credit ratings:

Fitch Ratings

National: Short term F1 (nga), Long term AA- (nga) 

Foreign Currency: Short term B, Long term B+ 


National: Long term AA-, Short term AA- 

GCR Ratings 

National: Short-term A1+ (NG), Long-term AA- (NG) 

Forming connections throughout Africa

UBA connects people and businesses across Africa through retail and corporate banking, innovative cross border payments, trade finance, and investment banking. We have one of the widest earnings diversifications and footprints across Africa and exposure to key sectors of the African economy, consumers, commodities, and infrastructure.