Who We Serve

African and international financial institutions

Our team has a thorough understanding of the intricate regulatory and financial environments in North America and Africa. We utilize this experience to administer a broad range of services and solutions for African and international financial institutions.  By providing the right solutions for your transactional needs, access to liquidity and capital markets, and connections to the proper business partners across sectors, we aim to provide a seamless experience from start to finish. 

African corporates

For African corporates intent on North American expansions for new customers and capital markets, we are here to help.   We offer account services for African institutions requiring a foreign bank account, subject to Know Your Customer (KYC) due diligence. This includes payment services, trade finance solutions, loan services through primary origination and risk participation in syndicated transactions, and treasury and foreign exchange solutions. 

American corporates

Through our North American account services, we provide a gateway to Africa for American organizations with activities in Africa. We serve as a single point of contact and communication for American corporates’ banking requirements in 20 African countries. 

We provide account openings and access to treasury, cash management, and trade finance solutions in Africa. We are proud of our work in facilitating end-to-end project partnerships across our footprint in Africa, the U.K., France, and the U.S. 

LC beneficiaries and exporters, commodity trading companies

UBA America works with a broad range of companies involved in African exports, imports, and commodity trading. Our experience in facilitating North America-Africa trade, including letters of credit (LCs), allows us to provide finance, guidance, and access to trusted market opportunities on both continents. Through providing a seamless trade experience for all involved entities, we support institutions that seek to transact with the 20 African countries within our footprint. 

We possess the experience, capabilities, and needed infrastructure to address the diverse needs of African beneficiaries, U.S. exporters, and traders. UBA America addresses the myriad challenges faced by these institutions, including cultural complexities, language barriers, financial constraints, and bureaucratic regulations. 

Embassies, Multilateral and Development Organizations

We serve as the bank of choice for embassies, multilaterals, development organizations, bilateral agencies, NGOs, and foundations working in sub-Saharan Africa. By providing comprehensive solutions to the humanitarian sector’s global and local banking needs, we seek to change lives throughout Africa. 

We specialize in working with organizations operating in North America with development projects in Africa that are looking for a trusted, leading Pan-African bank for all of their banking requirements in the continent. 

We support humanitarian projects through: 

  • Global account management, including payments to local beneficiaries through International Development Assistance Services (IDAS) and commercial banks
  • Facilitation of cash payments in remote, hard-to-reach project locations
  • Payment and collection systems
  • Agent banking solutions
  • Financial inclusion services

We work with:

  • Foreign ministries of foreign affairs
  • U.N. institutions
  • Embassies
  • E.U. institutions
  • Consulates
  • Private sector foundations
  • NGOs
  • Global fund institutions
  • Deputy high commissions
  • Development finance institutions
  • IMF institutions
  • High commissions
  • Liaison offices
  • Faith-based organizations